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    Create iPhone & MP3 Ringtones for all types of cellphones like iPhone and Android phones.


Create iPhone & MP3 Ringtones

Create fine-tuned ringtones from whatever audio files you have. It can keep the amazing part in a long audio track and remove the unneeded parts to fit the length limit of your cellphone. Now create stunning ringtones to shows your taste in music and catch some ears!


Awesome Ringtone Enhancement

A bunch of incredible audio effects can be applied to make your ringtones unique! You can fade in/out, add echo, amplify, normalize and a lot more with real-time preview. Come create some fancy ringtone to show off your skills!


Record Any Sound as Ringtones

If you want to use some sound or music as ringtones but don't have the original files, Cool iPhone Ringtone Maker allows you to directly record audio, edit and enhance them and save as audio files. It is totally an audio recorder to capture any sound as ringtones.


Easy Ringtone Creation in 3 Steps

All you need to do to get a custom ringtone is to import the audio/record the sound, make the adjustment you want, and save the file. There are presets for both effects and quality control so you don't have to understand a thing about the parameter settings to get started.


What you see is what you get

Most Trusted iPhone and MP3 Ringtone Maker


What can you do with Cool iPhone Ringtone Maker

How to Record Audio?
How to Make Ringtones for iPhone?

You may have a gigantic collection of songs in your music library but find no way to make ringtones from any of them. Cool iPhone Ringtone Maker is exactly designed to create iPhone ringtones from any songs easily for free. [More...]

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